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  1. You can change your enemy lock on with D-pad up
  2. Throw away almost broken weapons by holding X and pressing Left or Right on the D-pad
  3. You can save money and splithium in your rewards box if you're banks are fullRaid Tier is affected by
  4. the highest rank of fighter available to you, what bosses you've beaten, what upgrades you've made to your waiting

room, what blueprints you've unlocked and the most recent floor you've been to, in that order.

  1. Chests respawn only as bosses do:

whenever you go to the waiting room. The probability of new/unique blurprints and quality of chest loot depends on if it's the first visit you've made to that room and if it's a first on a new character; the first character, afterward, will more likely receive currency most of the time. Edible monsters also function similarly.

  1. If two or more

of your fighters die on the same same floor, killing one, leaving and returning will spawn the next fighter Hater.

  1. Death Metal invisibility lasts roughly ten seconds.
  1. Jackals

can and will teleport to you on a level roughly one minute after the second airhorn-siren goes off. It it proceeded by a much softer warning sound roughly two minutes prior.

  1. If you need a single resource out of many to complete an upgrade for R&D, it will spawn less often in levels.
  1. The highest time/effort yielding TDM bracket is Rank 8, averaging 3k-3.5k killcoins and 1.5k SPlithium per raid.
  1. If

a player holds the NPC captive from the TDM introduction session, it will not show up on the hostage pane. Additionally, if you destroy a Bank and Tank without releasing said NPC hostage, the round will end instantly, as if there were no hostage.

  1. The R1/L1 windup punch

goes off half a second faster in combination after two standard R2/L2 swings, rather than singularly throwing it.

  1. Coen's two-hit

swings can not hit you if you are standing perpendicularly behind him, to his shoulder. After hitting him twice, you can strafe to this position amd hit him mid-swing as opposed to rolling and missing an attack of opportunity. Similarly, Jindie will not attack you at point-blank range. A steam-iron alternating Rage move, two hits, Rage move, etc will keep her stun-locked.