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Beasts and Mushrooms are the primary diet of anyone seeking to climb the Tower of Barbs.

Raw or cooked, they are essential for a successful journey, and maintaining a steady diet of beasts will prevent hunger, increasing stamina and providing weak health regen at the rate of 1hp / second.

Both beasts and mushrooms can be thrown for varying effects; standing next to a fire will allow you to thrust them into the fire without throwing them.


Beasts are consumable healing creatures that can be found throughout the Tower of Barbs. If killed, they will immediately sprout a mushroom unique to that type of beast. (With the exception of the Honeycomb, which will only produce BEES)

Honeycombs will vanish after thrown or dropped

Gold variants can be found Here


Mushrooms are consumable buffing/debuffing items that can be found throughout the Tower of Barbs.

1 Heartsroom

2 Toughshroom

3 Crushroom

4 Boomshroom

5 Staminungus

6 Fluffy Fungus

7 Doomshroom

8 Yogashroom

9 Shockshroom

10 Punchshroom

11 Transparungus

12 Guardshroom

13 Slowmungus

14 Decoyshroom

15 Lavashroom

16 Brainshroom

17 Gambleshroom

18 Fun Fungus

19 Frongus

20 Mouseshroom

21 Stingshroom

22 Fishy Fungus

23 Snailshroom

24 Dragonshroom

25 Lifeshroom

26 Vampire Fungus

27 Evershroom

28 Oakshroom

29 Croakstool

30 Golden Mouseshroom

31 Golden Stingshroom

32 Golden Fishy Fungus

33 Golden Snailshroom

34 Golden Dragonshroom

35 Golden Lifeshroom

36 Golden Vampire Fungus

37 Golden Evershroom

38 Golden Oakshroom

39 Bronze Skillshroom

40 Silver Skillshroom

41 Golden Skillshroom

42 Bronze Eggshroom

43 Silver Eggshroom

44 Golden Eggshroom

45 Red Stingshroom

46 Umbrella Rib Fungus

47 False Brainshroom

48 Cateye Shroom

49 Boleoshroom

50 Ricebowl Shroom

51 Bronze Parasol Shroom

52 Silver Parasol Shroom

53 Golden Parasol Shroom

54 Helmetshroom

55 Bronze Pumpkinshroom

56 Silver Pumpkinshroom

57 Golden Pumpkinshroom

58 Bronze Snowcap

59 Silver Snowcap

60 Golden Snowcap

61 Splattershroom

62 Big Splattershroom

63 Mega Splattershroom

Throw rare mushrooms at the Mushroom Magistrate to win a Prize.