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COEN is a fat, blind behemoth of a monster that serves as your introduction to Sub-Bosses on 3F.

Literally built from multiple corpses, he can't see at all, so if someone is sneaking about, he will only be able to see them when he howls / barks. (Which shows a ghost image where you were when the sound hits you.)

Despite the fact that frogs, scorpions and other beasts are constantly making noises, these do not distract or bother him in the slightest.

COEN has some level of speech and can sometimes be heard saying "Come out coward".



COEN has approximately 820 Health on Floor 3. The most effective type of damage to deal to COEN is Slashing Damage.


At 3F, he isn't very challenging, as his sole attacks are running up to you, and punching where he thinks you are. If you're hitting him, he may ground-pound, creating multiple shockwaves that will throw you away.

Stay calm and he's nothing but fodder to feed your fresh Lv 1 fighters the nourishing EXP they'll need to go elswhere in the tower, and not get their shit pushed in by screamers.


COEN will occasionally drop D.O.D. ARMS Blue Metal.


Once you defeat COEN on the 3rd floor, the console of the Tokyo Death Metro will activate. This allows you to access the Metro Front (hello Multiplayer and Base Upgrades), where you can join a group, Raid and set up your defenses. Be careful though, since this opens you up to being raided for your Kill Coins and SPLithium. And occasionally You or the player who raided you can kidnap the opposing fighter, and you will only have four hours to get your fighter back by raiding the opposing player and breaking the cage inside the restroom, or pay the ransom for the fighter.