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D.O.D ARMS is a faction and weapons manufacturer run by Max Sharp. They govern over the first 1-10 floors of the Tower of Barbs, which consists of old sewers, maintenance area, subway tunnels and what it seems to appear as a factory of Fighters. D.O.D Stands for "D.I.Y or die" (D.I.Y Standing for "Do It Yourself"), which was also a D.I.Y store run by Max sharp before His semi-death.This is referenced on the Trucker Apron, which sports the phrase "Do it your self or Fucking Die!!!!" A mock version of the slogan can be found in the Candle Wolf district, in graffiti on the walls that reads "Die or Die."

As the name might imply, D.O.D arms specialize in homemade weaponry, usually consisting of tools like pickaxes, hammers, circular saws and nail guns, all of which made even more lethal than before.

D.O.D armor is a mixed bag, quite apocalyptic in look and sometimes seems to made out of scavenged materials, which includes things like aprons, fancy shirt+vest combos and raincoats adorned with knives. Stat-wise, it's commonly weak to piercing / ranged weapons, while stronger against everything else.