DUKE-02 Sniper Rifle

The DUKE-02 is the longest-range weapon in the game; boasting high damage and overpenetrating shots, it is an excellent weapon for dealing with screamers / haters that you would rather not approach. It is offset by a low ammo capacity, and poor suitability for taking on a mob.

It is found commonly on floors 11-20, and is almost useless in the hands of the AI against a moving target; slowly listing to the left is often enough to foil their aim, and as a 2-handed weapon, it can leave them near defenseless against even an unarmed level 1 fighter.

A direct approach, or complete lack of movement, will result in immediate consumption of fecal matter, however.

The Goretical involves knocking a victim on their hands and knees, and taking aim at point blank.

Newmoveicon.jpg 6 ATK 1: Aim +   Your aim has improved. Scope blur decreased.
Newmoveicon.jpg 10 ATK 2: SKILL SNIPER SMASH L1.png or R1.png
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