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The Glinty Magnum can be found on floors 1-10 (possibly rare) being used by random screamers.

You can also make it by finding a blueprint and turning it in.

The tier 3 version of this weapon gains a scope and rifle stock.

A traditional 6-round capacity, a slow rate of fire, and poor accuracy at medium range are offset by considerable damage for one of the first firearms you are likely to encounter, and a solid impact that can stop an attacker dead in their tracks.

Mastery of the Magnum allows the bullets fired to overpenetrate, improving it's use against oncoming swarms.

Newmoveicon.jpg 6 ATK 1: BULLET +   Bullet penetration increased. Enemies cannot guard against them.
Newmoveicon.jpg 10 ATK 2: SKILL MAGNUM SMASH L1.png or R1.png
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