Let It Die Wiki


If you're short on cash, want to quickly level your fighters, or need some max health restore consumables, this farm may help. Since the floors change everyday, this farm won't always be available, check for Okusa on your floor map.

What you'll need

  • Uncooked beast to knock down the snails (you can find some uncooked beasts along the way should you not have available)
  • Some cash to use the elevator often
  • 2 star weapon and armor is recommended as there are some enemies along the way
  • Healing items, you don't wanna die with your snails

Make your way to Floor 13 Kamoto, from there go down to Nokejiri, and then back up to Okusa.

On Okusa you'll find a corridor with two to three gold snails on the walls. Use your uncooked beast to knock them down, then head back and rinse and repeat.

You can make this even better by having your other fighters go on expeditions to the same floor, if Okusa doesn't show up on the expedition list just back out of your freezer and search again.

Golden snails give 4560 xp per kill

They sell for 7000 coins each

They heal 100% of your health (eating them isn't recommended, as they drop a mushroom that gives an additional 100xp)