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JIN-DIE is the second mid-boss you will meet, and is said to appear to be female.

Like COEN, JIN-DIE is made of multiple corpses, and has a significant disability, in that she is deaf as a doorknob. Unlike COEN, this has no relevance to her tactics, as she is a ranged combatant and has flawless vision as well as teleportation capabilities.

She has significant resistance to piercing / ranged attacks, and so bashing / slashing weapons will be your go-to in this fight. Getting in close prevents her from shooting at you, and will force her to teleport away most of the time. She also has a dangerous Beam attack that will trap the player in it for it's duration, unless they get lucky and manage to doge out of it mid-attack. This is especially tough on armour, so be careful.

Meijin Tips

"In the fight with JIN-DIE, you wanna be dashing and dodging the bullets! Don't miss the chance after it fires a powerful shot, and counterattack at point-blank range! Its's better to use a close range weapon over projectile weapons here."



Pick up a hammer, run in, and give her the business. Hug that fleshy mountain that serves for her lower torso to avoid being shot at too much. At low HP, she'll teleport up to pillars, which she will then teleport between to play keep-away.

16F KAGA -- JIN-DIE Lv _

This version of JIN-DIE gains no new attacks, however she will use her stronger attacks more frequently. She can prove extremely difficult to defeat due to the layout of the boss room, which she will teleport to the lower portion of when at low health.

A combination of transparungus and stingshrooms, using longswords or hot irons may be used to damage her greatly, at least until she teleports below. Be wary if moving to the lower portion of the boss room as falling will result in a significant amount of fall damage and may leave you open to being hit. Interestingly, however, getting knocked down to the lower part of the arena by one of her attacks might save you from the falling damage as you're performing the getting-back-up animation mid-fall.

26F SHIMEMENO (Might correct soon if I spelled it wrong) -- JIN-DIE Lv _

This version is not much different from the Kaga version. She'll teleport to the top of the pillars in the arena at a low amount of health, so bring a ranged weapon or a lot of patience, as She'll come down eventually.