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The Jackals are body-collectors in the employ of the tower Dons and the Yotsuyama Group. Rumored to have been formidable foes before they were hired for their current jobs, they're well-equipped, and deadly without proper preparation or quick thinking.

Jackals are sent to a floor a variable amount of time after all haters and screamers are dead, spawning in at random locations and advancing through the floor. A single siren will signal their initial arrival, with a second siren when all Jackals are in the field.

At this time of writing, there are three known Jackals:

  • Jackal X
  • Jackal Y
  • Jackal Z

Each Jackal boasts a different weapon proficiency, is capable of teleporting, and spawns at level 200. They boast incredible detection range, and will engage you in combat upon sight.

Dying to a Jackal results in a special cutscene, and a non-negotiable character death; Death Metals cannot be used to purchase a continue. The character will haterfy and can be salvaged as normal, however.

While they are vulnerable to the secret of your success as much as any other hater or screamer, they are completely immune to Goreticals, and will break free when attempted.

Only one Fighter has ever beaten a Jackal in unarmed combat; it took 14 hours and an elevator glitch to do so, and resulted in the temporary removal of Jackals from the game.

The Jackals do get stronger and stronger as you climb through in the tower. There are 4 versions of them.

  • V1: 1-40F
  • V2: 42-49F
  • V3: 52-99F
  • V4: 101F

According to Uncle Death, they're dispatched by the "Sunflower Ceremony" company. This is reflected in how the Jackals can drop Sunflower Rare Metal, used to upgrade their gear.

The weapons for the Jackals do get stronger and do a lot more damage when facing the Awakened Jackals that includes:

  • Jackal Sword D
  • Jackal Blaster D
  • Jackal Yo-Yo D

The levels for each of the Jackals are:

  • V1: 200
  • V2: 256
  • V3: 400
  • V4: 512

They do drop the DNA Data and the Sunflower Rare Metal D to uncap the weapons and armor when the Awakened Jackals V4 are defeated.