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Mushrooms are a commonly found flora within the Tower of Barbs, which is home to many different varieties mutated or altered by the Earth Rage, both beneficial and harmful.

Effects range from poisoning and health restoration to invulnerability, unlimited ammunition, and even returning from death.

Mushrooms can be consumed raw, but generally offer improved benefits if cooked first with an open flame. Mushrooms obtained from gold beasts cannot be cooked, and offer a superior effect to their cooked, mundane equivalent.

Consuming multiple mushrooms will increase the duration, but not the magnitude, of the buffs conferred.

Sufficient mushroom abuse can overcome almost any obstacle.

Most mushroom effects will stack, but some will stack poorly with others:

  • Stingshroom's attack bonus / defence debuff cancels the effects of Crushshrooms or Toughshrooms, but not vice-versa.
  • Buffs will expire as normal when using a Slowshroom.
  • Transparangus is useless against COEN.

 Available Mushrooms