Let It Die Wiki

Screamers and Haters are the still-animated, mindless corpses of Fighters since passed, employed by the Tower Dons to keep the plebians (read: you) at the bottom of the tower.

Both share the same tactics, in that they will sprint straight towards you to engage in melee or ranged combat, depending on the weapons they hold, once they spot you. Screamers and Haters have a high detection radius, tending to engage as soon as an opponent enters a room.

They will chase fleeing players for quite a distance, even if they lose line of sight.

Both will constantly telegraph their presence with cursing and other sounds, and are eligible for tickets to Suplex City.

if you see a enemy, screamer or hater, that is wielding a jungle machete or other weapons that have attacks similar to the jungle machete, run for your life, especially if you have rare materials/veneer planks in your inventory, especially if you're in ikegara, with a fully leveled tier 2 fighter.


The bulk of the Tower's defenses, they will commonly be dressed appropriately for their floor(s) and simply stand there or patrol, waiting for players to approach. Once they see / hear a player, they will proceed to give chase and murder the player without thought for self-preservation.

Their level is indicative of their stats, and higher-levelled screamers can use advanced attacks occasionally, such as moves that would require some level of weapon mastery.

They do not pick fights with each other or Tubers, but can catch each other in friendly fire if using less-precise weapons.


Haters are made when a player's Fighter dies in the tower and has not yet been beaten / retrieved; the hater will roam that floor, and will be encountered by both you and other players.

The Hater will have any gear they were wearing at the time of their death, assuming whatever killed them didn't break it all, and have stats / skill mastery equal to the player's at the time of death. In addition, they will typically be more likely to use advanced tactics such as skill mastery moves and even Rage Moves.

This can lead to exceptionally dangerous and well-equipped Haters that are significantly stronger than regular enemies present on the floor.

There is almost always one Hater on each floor; they will actively aggro on and pick fights with any Screamer or Tuber they see, and their kills will count against yours for the purposes of "kill all enemies with X item" objectives. (At the time of writing.)

Otherwise, they behave like a Screamer, pursuing until death.

it is not well known knowledge, but haters and hunters alike are able to eat things just like the player. what they eat is limited to the edible items in their inventory at the time of death or send (plus they avoid eating dangerous items like doom shrooms, boom shrooms, and things that would cause negative affects like frongus)

However, when the Hater is defeated it will drop a gold chest if you get lucky it’ll give you one of the Faction Metals it only applies on lower floors 1-40.