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Tales from the Barbs is a comic book series found throughout the tower; each 5-page volume focuses on the backstory of one of the tower dons.

Assuming you managed to find and acquire all of them on each floor as you climbed, you would learn all about the area's don before you fight them. That said, the pages can be found on side floors that may not necessarily be "in rotation", so it is quite possible to not be able to get certain pages while climbing.

As a reward for completing each book Death rewards you with a life token


Vol. 1 - Max Sharp

  • Pg 1: Imokawa-cho 2F
  • Pg 2: Tamata 3F
  • Pg 3: Hyakudori 5F
  • Pg 4: Moka-Magome 6F
  • Pg 5: Yuki 7F
  • Pg 6: Yoshiki-Dani 9F : Located in a huge vertical room with platforms and ramps. It is located near the top of the room, you will have to drop down from a higher platform in order to get it.

Vol. 2 - Jackson

  • Page 1 - Momohara 13F : It's located under a shallow trap floor, in a place near a big rock stairway. There are 2 trap floors next to each other, one of tham has the page along with several beasts (pill bugs...)
  • Page 2 - yamadai 14f
  • Page 3 - usogaya 15f
  • Page 4 - Kinutamin 17f : In the area with a broken building (and tubers), you will have to jump towards a broken staircase to find this one, near the top of the area.
  • Page 5 - Temo-Uma 18f : On the lowest level, it's hidden in a nook, behind breakable crates.
  • Page 6 - Chitose-Mei 19f : In an open area with many ledges, you will have to climb up a little, then drop down into a dark area to find it (right above the small watery area)

Vol. 3 - Crowley

  1. vol 3 page 1 kawabe 22f
  2. vol 3 page 2 sumkiyo 24f
  3. vol 3 page 3 kanie 25f
  4. vol 3 page 4 shinko-bashi 27f
  5. vol 3 page 5 hashidaka 29f
  6. vol 3 page 6 saigetsu 30f

Vol. 4 - Taro Gunkayama

Tales of barbs 4 by Moose.jpg

  1. 35F Shina-Yama (trap room or room with the roof overflowing with water there is a ledge near the flying tuber that can be reached to find this book portion)
  2. 36F Itanodai
  3. 37F Hiromatsu
  4. 38F Ebata
  5. 39F Haratsuka (the winding tower room if your facing the MILK crest on the tower it is to your left behind the radio tower)
  6. 40F Futagi