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At the bottom of the Tower of Barbs is the Waiting Room, where players can recover HP, re-equip and return to the tower, either via the Escalator to F1 or via the elevators.

This is the only safe place in the tower; while you are present here, you cannot be raided for up to an hour.

Here, you can find, going clockwise from the entrance:

  • Tetsuo and the Tokyo Death Metro ticket machine (Unlocked at F3 (after killing co-en for the first time))
  • The Restrooms
  • The Mushroom Magistrate
  • Mingo Head
  • Elevators / Escalators
  • Choku-Funsha
  • Vending Machine (Unlocked at F5)
  • Storage
  • Rewards Box
  • Fighter Freezer
  • Healing Fountain / The Arcade
  • Superscope 703
  • Stamp Rally Reset (Unlocked when beating Taro)

Standing on the plinth in the middle of the room activates the fountain and heals you for 99,999 HP. Here you can return to the Arcade to acquire tips, quests and change the music.

An alternate version is encountered when raiding another player's Waiting Room.

Returning to the Waiting Room while you are being raided causes a surreal duel with yourself to occur; scoring hits against your phantom will reward SPL, but will have no effect on the outcome of the raid.